Why Do We Need Car Insurance?

If you are looking for some most basic reasons to insure your car. Well it has to be the Car Insurance is mandatory by the Indian law. In fact driving a car which is not insured, is a big risk. There is a heavy penalty on those who don’t have car insurance. It’s very important to secure your Car and Members by doing Car Insurance.

In today’s article we are discussing about, Why Car Insurance is Important And What if we don’t have our Car Insurance.

1. Coverage For Third Party Liability: If you accidentally injure a person or damage their property with your car, Your car insurance policy could cover you for those expenses. The affected person, by following the legal process can claim for the damages from your insurance company. It is for this reason a third party cover is absolutely mandatory for all cars under the law.

2. Damages To Your Own Car: A Car is unlikely to escape an accident without getting damage. It is saddening, but if you can not pay for the repairs, your insurance company could rescue you to a great extent. There are options in this type of car insurance.

A. You can pay the damage repair cost and submit bills to Insurance company. After reviewing and verification, they compensate you for your loss.

3. Injuries To Passengers And Drivers: Yes, with the right Car Insurance, you get covered for financial risk of paying for the injuries sustain to the driver and passengers.

Select right Insurance, Select right options will cover your family and driver too for accidents. In short it’s a perfect risk cover for family.

4. Theft Flood Fire Terrorist Attacks: With comprehensive Car Insurance, your car gets cover for damages caused due to men made or natural disasters like Theft Flood Fire Terrorist Attacks. You can either get it fixed and your insurance policy pay compensation if it was damaged beyond repair.

So guys these was the Top Reasons Why you Insure Your Car.

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