Google Ad Network Actions 2017-2018

As a use experience, Google have the biggest Ad Network in the world. Any one can put their advertisements on live platforms with the help of Google. Google have a separate platform for advertisements called Google Adwords. With the help of google adwords any one can promote business by paying respective amount. We’ll cover Google Adwords topic in our upcoming articles.

Let’s talk about Actions taken by Google Ad Network:

According to media, Google blocked bad ads and around 3.2 Billion ads removed in year 2017 from serving because of policy violation and low quality. Google is proactively working on improving and unholding quality standards within its ad network.

In year 2017, Google removed 100 Ads that violated network policies every second. 3.2 Billion ads were blocked from their network during 2017 which is almost double 2016’s 1.7 billion ads.

Here some of the results broken down for 2017:

A. 79 million ads were blocked that tried to send users to website containing malware.
B. 4,00,000 websites were removed entirely from Google’s network.
C. 66 millions ads trying to trick users into clicking on them were removed.
D. 48 million ads attempting to install unwanted software were removed.

Google also worked to provide better technology for protecting advertisers which resulted in 3,20,000 publishers banned, 90,000 websites & 7,00,000 mobile apps blacklisted.

Each month 2 million pages were removed for Google policy violations. After changing policies on dangerous and derogatory content in april 2017, Google blocked 8700 more pages from displaying ads.

Al through it seems that the ads network is cutting down on publisher relationships, it continues to pay out vast amounts of ad revenue to publishers.

In study, Publisher partners received $12.6 billion in 2017 from Google. Google blocked 12,000 websites for duplicating content – a 20% increase from 2016.

Recently in 2018, Google also decided to block any content related to Cryptocurrency including ICOs (initial coin offerings), crypto trading & wallets in their ad network.

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